Changelog (20/09/2021)

- Spelling of certain headings corrected

- Added the possibility to limit the number of visible drivers [Team Version]

- Added window transparency storage [Team Version]

Changelog (19/07/2021)

- new graphics update system

- added a bar to indicate the FFB in the Inputgraphic

- Updated Teamversion and Broadcastversion graphics

- Various bugfixes

Changelog (18/05/2021)

- The new colour system for the classes

- Again working the screens Results for Qualification and Race [Broadcast Version]

- Adding rankings via Speed AVG (Indy Style) [Broadcast Version]

- Added Tacometer [Broadcast Version]

- Increased screen update time

Changelog (20/04/2021)

- "Scroll Classes" is now not enabled by default

- Following the last update, some instability problems have been resolved

- now "Show only my class" will only affect the HUD version of Team version

- Now you can create and customize the themes of the Broadcast version via CSS

Changelog (15/02/2021)

- Moved the plugin to the installation folder

- Added the possibility to consider all cars as a "Single Class"

- Added the possibility to show only the class of the selected driver [Team Version] (Thanks to NelloRouge for the suggestion)

- Updated the Fuel Calculator to the latest specifications [Team Version]

- Made more compact the Fuel Calculator [Team Version] (Thanks to NelloRouge for the suggestion)

Changelog (08/02/2021)

- NEW THEME! Formula Theme is now available [Broadcast Version] - WIP

Changelog (05/02/2021)

- Realtive now shows [Team Version]:

- --- number of pitstops performed

- --- Boost and Mixture changes

- --- Pitstop requests by the opposing cars and the pit status (Entring and Exiting)

Changelog (02/02/2021)

- Increased the number of selectable classes

Changelog (28/01/2021)

- Now the opacity of the windows is changed to the selected window.

- Added the possibility to manually pick up Logos and Images from rFactor 2

Changelog (23/01/2021)

- Fixed steering wheel in widget input

- New experimental Relative system

There is no need to upgrade. The news is already within your systems

Changelog (20/01/2021)

- Fixed the problem that changed the transparency of the windows different from the changed one

- NEW widget (Tacometer)

- NEW Style (Endurance - WIP) [Broadcast Version]

Changelog (08/12/2020)

- New update system

- New calendar management system (Broadcast Version)

- New standings management system (Broadcast Version)

- Lightened and speeded up the data sending system to the graphics

- Reduced the issue of slow window movement after several hours of use

- New window system for viewing Input Telemetry, Relative and Standing (Not in VRMode) (Team Version)

- New Relative integrated in the graphics (Team Version)

Changelog (10/11/2020)

- Fixed the problem of wrong tires

- Revisited the graphics for the race infos (BroadCast Version)

- Fixed an issue that caused the qualimode to remain active even during the race (BroadCast Version)

Changelog (07/11/2020)

- Fixed the problem with the plugin update

- added a new quali mode system (BroadCast Version)

- Additional code fixes

Changelog (26/10/2020)

- Updated the communication plugin with rFactor 2

- Changed the code for a faster and lighter execution

IN CASE OF PROBLEMS, DOWNLOAD Setup.exe from the site

Changelog (12/10/2020)

- rF2HUD is now 64bit for faster program execution

- Move the folders for storing championships (Calendars and Standings) so that they can be edited more easily even manually

- Added the possibility to change the display of the classes in the standing broadcast with intervals

- Various stability improvements

Changelog (25/09/2020)

- Small fix to correct the name of the tires

Changelog (15/09/2020)

- It's now possible to choose whether to show the logos of the rF2 cars (if present in the mod) or the logos present in the "logos" folder of rF2HUD (Broadcast Version)

- It's now possible to choose whether to show the image of the rF2 cars (if present in the mod) or the images present in the rF2HUD "cars" folder (Broadcast Version)

- Fixed creation of hudcover folder

- Added the ability to show logos in all themes (Broadcast Version)

Changelog (12/09/2020)

- Added the ability to activate a HUDCOVER to hide the data visible in the game. (It is possible to modify the PNG image present in the hudcover folder. The name of image must be hudcover.png) (Team version)

- Added the possibility to show the image of the car present in RF2 (Team version)

Changelog (10/09/2020)

- It is now possible to view the car logo in the standing [The logos must be inserted in the mod] (Team version)

- Added the ability to show the number in the standing (Team version)

- Now it is possible to change the class in the standing automatically [Scroll classes] (Team version)

Changelog (07/09/2020)

- Now you can show the name in 3 letter format (Broadcast Version)

- Fixed an issue showing NaN as a value (Broadcast Version)

- Modified QualiMode for all themes (Broadcast Version)

- Added the possibility to limit the vision of the drivers on the track (Broadcast Version)

- DriverInfo can now be disabled (Broadcast Version)

- Improved ticker system for all themes (Broadcast Version)

Changelog (31/08/2020)

- Now you can upgrade to the Broadcast version directly from the app

- Eliminated the problem that did not allow to modify the cover setup image

- New graphics options management system

- Eliminated code to make the app leaner and faster

- replay mode kicks into action much faster

- NEW THEME! (Broadcast Version)


- Code completely rewritten to further optimize the effort of the CPU and GPU.

- Fixed several issues affecting the rankings of both versions

- Made the DriverInput system much more fluid

- Revised and revised the fuel calculation system in the relative screens and fuel calculator

- Fixed the problem that was not selecting your car as the starting car [Team Version]


- Several fixes

- fuel consumption is now measured at the finish line and is predicted for the next lap based on the previous 5 laps

- Increased the slots for driver from 100 to 200.

Changelog (03/06/2020)

- STANDING System is now available! [Broadcast Version]

- Starting grid now show cars image [Broadcast Version]

- Fixed Calendar screen in Indy/Nascar Layout [Broadcast Version]

- NEW Fuel Calculator! Manage your strategy with fuel calculator [Team Version]

Changelog (01/06/2020)

- All widgets can now run on different devices [Team Version]

- Added controls to Windowed widget version [Team Version]

- Fixed the WarmUp shown as Qualification [Broadcast and Team Version]

- Added Flag to Endurance System [Team Version]

Changelog (29/05/2020)

- NEW Replay system! [Broadcast Version]

- From now it is possible to choose how many seconds the Race Control Message will be shown [Broadcast Version]

- Input Telemetry Now display DRS [Team Version]

- Relative Window now show gaps in seconds instead of in meters [Team Version]

- Relative window now shows the last lap and the tires of the other cars [Team Version]

- Fixed Track Map Generation [Broadcast Version]

Changelog (27/05/2020)

- NEW Standing [Team Version]

- Relative window now display Last Lap of other car and Compound [Team Version]

- Restyling Team Version [Team Version]

Changelog (22/05/2020)

- Design Tool is now available! (This is a first version, new features will be added in future versions) [Broadcast Version]

- Track Map is Now automatically generate [Broadcast Version]

Changelog (21/05/2020)

- Fix error [Broadcast Version]

Changelog 1.0.16 (21/05/2020)

- Class name System fixed [Team and Broadcast Version]

- NEW STANDING window! [Team version]

- VR mode can now enable window border display (to avoid glitches in Oculus Home) [Team Version]

- Modified desktop window design for better game integration [Team Version]

- Now is possibile show DG/Race Control Message (First Version Through Broadcaster) [Broadcast Version]

Changelog 1.0.15 (18/05/2020)

- New Driver Swap indicator [Broadcast Version]

- Weather is now visible [Broadcast Version]

- Fixed Qualify Race and Starting Grid screen for multiplayer usage [Broadcast Version]

- NEW SCHEDULE SYSTEM to Show Scheduled Events [Broadcast Version]

Changelog (15/05/2020)

- NEW ELECTRIC theme! [Broadcast Version]

- Now is possible display in standing tower Fuel, Gap and Interval [Broadcast Version]

- Fixed Result and Starting grid screen [Broadcast Version]

- New Animation for Driver Name and Class Standing [Broadcast Version]

- Custom logo in Starting Grid and Result Screen [Broadcast Version]

- Now is possible to add Car/Driver Image from URL Directory (The directory must be online and all image in same folder) [Broadcast Version]

- Now is possibile change the background of Setup Cover [Team Version]

Changelog (08/05/2020)

- NEW FEATURE: Now is possible change font of all layout [Broadcast Version]

- Small fix web server

Changelog (08/05/2020)

- Fixed Indy/Nascar Layout for new web server system

- Added 4Laps Speed AVG calculation for Indy/Nascar Layout(this function is a first attempt. There may be calculation errors)

- Fixed Road Layout for new web server system

Changelog 1.0.14 (07/05/2020)

- Many change in Relative window

- Relative window now display Pit Limiter Engagment, Blue Flag and Caution.

- From now is possibile to select opacity of Relative window.

- Complete rewrite web server system to more stability

Changelog (05/05/2020)

- HotFix Relative Window. Now work on online server

Changelog 1.0.13 (05/05/2020)

- NEW Realtive Window activable on desktop (VR user can pin this windows)[Team Version]

- Added Fuel Calculation (Beta) in Relative window[Team Version]

- Complete restyling to Race Info Sceenn [Broadcast Version]

- Added the name of the driver who is currently driving, for easier identification [Team Version]

Changelog 1.0.12 (30/04/2020)

- Starting Light Added to Both Version

- Quali Mode added to Broadcast Version (Beta)

- Fixed Result screen [Broadcast Version]

- Green and Red segnal to highlight change position [Broadcast Version]

- Driver Info on screen added to Oval Layout [Broadcast Version]

- Standing now can display: Interval, Position Gained, Pit stops number and Best lap [Broadcast Version]

- Timer can be customize with Lap, Session and Time remaining [Broadcast Version]

- From now it is possible to hide the standing [Broadcast Version]

Changelog 1.0.11 (29/04/2020)

- NEW SETUP COVER when car is in the box (You can disable from app) [Team Version]

- Fixed Timer and added FORMATION LAP and CAUTION events [Team Version]

- Added standing class list in HUD [Broadcast Version]

- Fixed class name for color assegnation [Broadcast Version]

- Added session in timer (can be hide via app) [Broadcast Version]

- Added Class color in standing [Broadcast Version]

Changelog 1.0.10 (29/04/2020)

- New Indy/Nascar Layout [LiveTv Broadcast Version]

- Added "Caution Flag" sensor [LiveTv Broadcast Version]

- Fix timer to switch from time/lap or time and lap [LiveTv Broadcast Version]

- Standing Ticker is now activable from app [LiveTv Broadcast Version]

- The update function has been rewritten for faster execution [LiveTv Broadcast Version]

- More minor Fix

Changelog 1.0.9 - (24/04/2020)

- Fixed switch from HUD end Live view

- Added ticker in LiveTv Broadcast HUD. [LiveTv Broadcast]

- Fixed the download of right hud for Team version

- Added Qualify and Race Result (Beta). [LiveTv Broadcast]

Changelog 1.0.8 - (22/04/2020)

NEW LiveTV BROADCAST Version is Available

The Broadcast version is aimed at all those who perform streaming.

There are many differences compared to the Team Version HUD and it has been designed for easy use.

Many features will be included in future releases

NEW 14 DAYS Trial for Team Version

- A massive new job on stability and the reduction of the use of PC resources. Now only 39MB of Ram are used compared to 65MB of the previous version.

The update will be performed automatically when the application is opened

Changelog 1.0.7 - (21/04/2020)

- Reduced CPU usage from 13% to 0.19% average (i5-i7) - Optimized the system that manages the sending of data

- Modified the graphics of the application to make it easier to use

- Added tire information in the HUD

Changelog 1.0.6 - (16/04/2020)

- Fixed the problem that reset the selected car with the first one in the list

- Fixed the problem that does not allow to select different drivers with the same car name

- Added the first version of DeltaBar showing sectors

- Changed the settings menu for faster reference

The update will be performed automatically when the application is opened

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks to all Beta testers for their great work

Changelog 1.0.5 - (14/04/2020)

- A update message now will be display before start update

- Update system now work again

The update will be performed automatically when the application is opened

Changelog 1.0.4 - (13/04/2020)

- Added Setting Menu

- Fixed HUD

The update will be performed automatically when the application is opened

Changelog 1.0.3 - (11/04/2020)

- Added Gap in Race session. - Added new effects in HUD graphics.

- Changed the update frequency of the HUD.

- Added options with Crew Drivers name for Endurance Races.

The update will be performed automatically when the application is opened

Changelog 1.0.2 - (10/04/2020)

- Update system to minimize CPU usage (now uses only 13% of CPU)

- New dashboard is now available in HUD and display vehicle's Gear, Speed and RPM

- Added option to view all the cars on the track (the limitation of the classes still remains available)

- Added system to change color to classes

The update will be performed automatically when the application is opened

Changelog 1.0.1 - (10/04/2020)

- Fixed some minor bugs

- Added auto update system on application startup

Changelog 1.0.1 - (09/04/2020)
- Initial release